Torch Club

Torch Clubs are charter small-group leadership and service clubs for boys and girls ages 11-13. A Torch Club is a powerful vehicle through which Club staff, Bonnie Piekarski organizes that meets the special character development needs of younger adolescents at a critical stage in their development. Torch Club members learn to elect officers and work together to implement activities in four areas: service to Club and community, education, health and fitness and social recreation. 
For the past few years, the Torch Club have raised money for the Adopt-A-Family, Inc. helping less fortunately families in need with Christmas Gifts within the Woonsocket community.  The Torch Club organizes back sales in addition to donations from local organizations.  
FALL/Winter 2016- The Torch Club is very busy for the remainder of the calendar year. In the upcoming months we will be doing the ShelterWalk here in the city as well as starting our fundraising for Adopt A faimily. Besides our bake sale we will also be hosting a "lock-in" here at the club as a way to earn money for this wonderful cause.